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Welcome to the NewFound Photo Art website. Feel free to browse thru the galleries and the rest of the site.

All photo art are for sale. Printing, canvasing, framing services are provided at Pixels/Art Store Fronts: and Fine Art America:

Framing at Pixels or Fine Art America is limited to a standard black frame.  For custom framing, contact us directly via the Contact Us section of this website with your request or call/email me (Donald King) directly at the email / phone no. at the bottom of this page.

My interest and wonder, and then love of photography started while living in Augsburg, Germany while serving in the U.S. Army during the late seventies.  In some of the galleries of this website, you will see some of the pictures from back at that time taken with a Nikon EL2 which was the first SLR camera made with a built in light meter (aperture mode in modern digital SLR's).  At this time I would say I was a amateur photographer taking pictures of my travels throughout Europe.


Today, I am a freelance photographer, taking a picture wherever I may be, to capture the beauty and the light of the moment creating photographic art.  I am mostly self-taught, learning photography back in the non-digital age with a film camera and experimenting developing my photos in a dark room.  Now, I feel the freedom to take pictures digitally and enhancing the pictures on a computer into art.  Wow, how things have changed!

                                                                                                                                      . . . Donald King, NewFound Photo Art

Donald King

1157 Weaver Branch Rd., Bluff City, TN 37618


                     Phone:  423.316.0031

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